Ireland is currently in the grips of a fight for reproductive rights and body autonomy. 

Women in this country are forced to travel abroad or import illegal pills to procure abortions or reproductive health care.

Each person who has a termination has a reason for it – while the anti-choice side may pretend that women will utilise abortion access as a form of contraceptive, those who have had one know that this is a complete straw man argument. 

An art exhibition is bringing these reasons to life, as they showcase the personal, and sometimes painful reasons women have gotten abortions. 

My Body, My Life, is a travelling exhibit, using canvas and cloth as the vehicles for these stories. 

Currently set exhibiting in London until March 5th, the exhibition has previously toured through Belfast and Edinburgh. 

Along with the physical exhibition is a website, where you can read the experiences of women who have had a termination. 

You can also submit your own story to the installation.  

The poignant installation does not have another date or venue listed so far, so perhaps now would be a good time to tweet them and see if it would be possible to bring this relevant showcase to the Republic of Ireland.