Let's be honest, there's a typical Mighty Boosh viewer, and there's a typical Great British Bake Off viewer.

And if one were so inclined to create a Venn diagram, it's highly unlikely the two would intersect… until now, that is.

With Noel Fielding as one of the new presenters on the hugely popular baking programme, it's no surprise that Mighty Boosh fans have found themselves tuning in in order to get Old Gregg's take on a Bakewell tart.

And with the latest season of GBBO kicking off last night, Twitter was, understandably, awash with viewers desperately trying to reconcile the Mighty Boosh star they know and love with the mild-mannered presenter they saw before them.

It wasn't easy, but the great viewing public managed to come up with some pretty accurate comparisons while assessing Noel's performance alongside Paul Hollywood, Prue Leith and Sandi Toksvig.

And here are just a selection of some of the best…

1. We all have that mate.

 2. Been there.

3. He really did. 

4. Anyone noticing a pattern? 

5. Maybe he is. 

6. Ash, you've nailed it. 

7. Don't we all? 

8. Everyone did. 

9. Keep 'em coming, Noel. 

10. In fairness, like.