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Convicted drug smuggler Michaella McCollum and her accomplice Melissa Reid, dubbed the Peru Two, are reportedly in talks to star on Big Brother.

The women gained infamy in 2013 when they were caught trying to illegally smuggle almost €2,000,000 worth of cocaine out of the country in their luggage.

“Michaella has made no secret of her dream to become a reality TV star," a source told The Sun

“She’s spent the last six months trying to build up her profile and her image – and just days ago she was even snapped on the beach in a very revealing swimming costume."

“It’s all part of her bid to get her name out there in the lead up to returning to our screens – this time on an entertainment show, not BBC News."

“Big Brother producers have been chatting to her about getting her on the next series of the show, which is a pairs theme."

With the duos theme, both Michaella and Melissa would have to agree to the show. 

"They think the girls will help to stir up some excitement and chatter for the new series, as well as bring some glamour and drama.”

Apparently Michaella is more up for doing the show than Melissa, but we will just have to wait and see how this one pans out.

The pair previously appeared on Channel 4 documentary Brits Behind Bars: Cocaine Smugglers, so it wont be the first time the former smugglers are on camera. 



In Michaella McCollum's RTÉ interview, she was heavily critizied for not mentioning that she took any drugs when away in Ibiza.

However, now the Tyrone native has admitted to using Ketamine, which led her to make the decisions on that faithful trip.

Speaking to the Irish Mail On Sunday, Michaella said: “Nobody actually put a gun to my head and made me do it.

“Obviously, we both knew there was no way we were forced.

“We kind of thought there was no option, but of course there was.”

Michaella was only 20 years-old at the time she became part of the party scene in Ibiza, and she was also on a bender when making the decision to smuggle the drugs.

“Everybody was doing it. Everybody was on Ket [Ketamine]. Everybody was so drugged up and it was so normal.

“I kind of thought I would try it and obviously I liked it and I got carried away.”

She added: “I was totally influenced by drugs, I don’t even know what I was thinking."



After serving a three-year prison sentence in a hard-core South American jail, convicted drug-smuggler Michaella McCollum has this evening returned to Ireland. 

The 23-year-old left Peru on Friday evening and landed in Dublin via London in the last hour.

Waiting media were on site to ask Michaella questions about her release, but the Northern Irish woman had no comment to make. 

Senior Newstalk reporter Sean Defoe captured the moment she walked from the terminal on Twitter.

Along with UK-national Melissa Reid, McCollum was arrested in August 2013 at Lima Airport with 11kg of cocaine hidden in their luggage and disguised as food packets. 

The Irish-woman was released on parole in March this year after serving less than half her six-year, eight-month sentence.

Reid arrived back to her native Scotland in June.

In a controversial interview with RTE shortly after her release, Michaella said the decision to transport drugs from Peru back to Europe was a "moment of madness".



Less than three years after her arrest for attempted drug smuggling, Tyrone woman Michaella McCollum has been freed from prison. 

The 23-year-old has been released on parole from the Ancon Dos prison in Lima, but the terms of her release mean that she may have to remain in Peru for anywhere up to six years.

"Michaela McCollum was released from prison at 5pm last night following a successful application for parole," legal firm KRW Law said via a statement this morning.

“She has NOT been released under any repatriation scheme or other protocol between Peru and the UK."

Michaella, from Dungannon, Co Tyrone was arrested at Lima Airport in August 2013, along with Scottish woman Melissa Reid. The pair were found attempting to fly to Madrid with 11kg of cocaine hidden inside food sachets in their luggage. Both received jail sentences of six and a half years.

Irish-American Bishop Sean Walsh visited Michaella in prison a few days ago, and confirmed to media today that she has indeed been allowed to leave.

“She has been granted parole to my very great surprise. She’s going to be granted parole six years and six months,” he told the Irish Independent.

"She is of course quite relieved… Probably she will remain in Lima. She will be allowed to work and study if she wants to do that."

Michaella was freed under new legislation on early prison release introduced in Peru last year.

She has served two years and three months of her full sentence.



One Direction have definitely been busy since arriving in Peru.

First, hotel footage caught the band wandering round the halls, in nothing but their underwear and now it’s also been revealed that the band’s tour manager, gave convicted drug smuggler Michaella McCollum, Easter eggs in prison.

But the latest 1D update has revealed that the band’s team, are considering legal options over a condom range called “One Erection”.

This unusual condom line apparently keeps users “Up All Night” and also goes onto say that “they’re great ice breaker at parties”.

Apparently, the boys find the condom range funny but their legal team, not so much.

“The boys heard about the condoms and found them hilarious. They even joked about buying a few packets for a laugh. But their management team aren’t seeing the funny side. They are considering bringing in lawyers to stop them shamefully exploiting the band to sell condoms”

It seems legal proceedings probably will go ahead, as they are afraid that the condom range will damage the band’s reputation.

“What makes it worse is 1D have turned down various big-bucks offers to bring out their own official range. So they aren’t happy someone else is cashing in on their sex-symbol status.”