One Direction have definitely been busy since arriving in Peru.

First, hotel footage caught the band wandering round the halls, in nothing but their underwear and now it’s also been revealed that the band’s tour manager, gave convicted drug smuggler Michaella McCollum, Easter eggs in prison.

But the latest 1D update has revealed that the band’s team, are considering legal options over a condom range called “One Erection”.

This unusual condom line apparently keeps users “Up All Night” and also goes onto say that “they’re great ice breaker at parties”.

Apparently, the boys find the condom range funny but their legal team, not so much.

“The boys heard about the condoms and found them hilarious. They even joked about buying a few packets for a laugh. But their management team aren’t seeing the funny side. They are considering bringing in lawyers to stop them shamefully exploiting the band to sell condoms”

It seems legal proceedings probably will go ahead, as they are afraid that the condom range will damage the band’s reputation.

“What makes it worse is 1D have turned down various big-bucks offers to bring out their own official range. So they aren’t happy someone else is cashing in on their sex-symbol status.”