‘It was so normal’: Michaella took KETAMINE while smuggling drugs


In Michaella McCollum's RTÉ interview, she was heavily critizied for not mentioning that she took any drugs when away in Ibiza.

However, now the Tyrone native has admitted to using Ketamine, which led her to make the decisions on that faithful trip.

Speaking to the Irish Mail On Sunday, Michaella said: “Nobody actually put a gun to my head and made me do it.

“Obviously, we both knew there was no way we were forced.

“We kind of thought there was no option, but of course there was.”

Michaella was only 20 years-old at the time she became part of the party scene in Ibiza, and she was also on a bender when making the decision to smuggle the drugs.

“Everybody was doing it. Everybody was on Ket [Ketamine]. Everybody was so drugged up and it was so normal.

“I kind of thought I would try it and obviously I liked it and I got carried away.”

She added: “I was totally influenced by drugs, I don’t even know what I was thinking."