Miley Cyrus is no stranger to exhibitionism, but she's taken things to extreme levels with her latest photoshoot.

The series of risqué photos appear in Interview magazine's #Me issue, which has eight different celebrity covers, with everyone from J-Lo to Zayn Malik taking part.

Inside are more photos of each cover star plus over 100 other celebs. To get some of the more provocative shots, like Kim Kardashian's topless cover and Selena Gomez in a wild child pose, photographer Mert Alas FaceTimed each star and screengrabbed his favourite images.

But in Miley's case, we think he's taken his role as photographer a step too far. In one shot, Miley can be seen topless and licking her lips while Mert looks on:

In another, she pulls her t-shirt over her head and she straddles the floor:

And in the most extreme shot of them all, Miley appears to masturbate as Mert watches:

The photoshoot's caption is surpringly blasé considering the content. "Sometimes you have to reach out and touch someone-slash-yourself. Mert Alas shares a few of his sexts with the fearless and self-possessed princess of pop," it reads.

One critic has branded the shoot as "flat out porn" while another says it begs the question of "where empowerment ends and pornography begins."

Of course, Miley has always pushed the boundaries when it comes to stripping off for shoots. Who can forget those Terry Richardson photos of her in a red leotard back in March 2013?

Seems like she's not planning on reigning things in any time soon.