We’ve had the thigh gap, the thigh brow and now the Internet has ever so kindly brought us a new thigh-centred challenge: Introducing #MermaidThighs.

Designed to counteract the controversial thigh gap which has been doing the rounds for the last two years, the mermaid thighs movement is based on the idea that the more your thighs touch the closer you are to looking like a mermaid.

Women around the world have been sharing images of their touching thighs on social media in a bid to promote a sense of body positivity for those whose thighs do not fulfil the criteria of the thigh gap test.  Additionally they’ve been posting images of Disney’s Ariel as well as numerous mermaid thighs quotes.




But while the trend is supposed to be body positive and in some respects could been seen as the antidote to the thigh gap – which was widely viewed as a dangerous challenge – the mermaid thighs movement is not without its critics.

While some Twitter users have taken to the forum to celebrate the mermaid thighs message with comments like “this is my fav thing on the internet.  Bless whoever made this trend,” others have dubbed the tag “ridiculous” because in a sense it is as exclusive as the thigh gap trend.

One woman tweeted “I may not have a thigh gap but my thick thighs make me closer to a mermaid than you twig b*tches” – a comment which is clearly as exclusive as it is celebratory.



Just chuck me in the sea now. #mermaidthighs

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We’re all for self love but whether you’ve thighs like a mermaid or your thigh gap game is strong, surely it’s best to love yourself without taking down others.

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