It’s been seven years since Australian actor and director, Heath Ledger, died of an accidental prescription drug overdose in New York.

The actor’s legacy lives on, however, through the Australians In Film Heath Ledger Scholarship Award – which was handed out in LA this week – and, of course, through his daughter, Matilda.

Heath, who is probably best-known for his role as the Joker in The Dark Knight, dated Michelle Williams from 2004 to 2007, and the pair were also reportedly engaged for a period of time. In October 2005, their daughter was born. 

Sadly however, just months before his January 2008 death, he and Michelle split.

At this week's seventh annual Australians In Film awards, Heath’s mother and sister explained how they have spent the past few weeks with Matilda and Michelle in Brooklyn.

Heath’s older sister, Kate, also stated that she has started to tell Matilda stories about her dad as “she is getting old enough to understand”.

“Matilda is gorgeous and very much like her daddy in many ways,” Kate told the Daily Telegraph.

Kate, a stylist and author, furthermore told The Herald-Sun in Melbourne: “I love telling stories about her daddy and how he grew up. I think it's so important for her to have a good sense of where she comes from in order for her to get to know herself."

Meanwhile, Women’s Weekly magazine has quotes from Kate which confirm that Heath's family “have a wonderful relationship with Michelle”. She added that her brother's former partner is “an amazing mother” and said they “all get on really well”.

Nine-year-old Matilda was just a toddler when she lost her dad, but Heath’s father has previously admitted that Matilda has an enormous number of his mannerisms – something which keeps his spirit alive.

Matilda’s mum and dad met on the set of Brokeback Mountain in 2004. Michelle remained out of the public eye following Heath’s passing, only releasing a statement expressing her heartbreak upon his death. 

The Australians In Film Heath Ledger Scholarship Award was this year won by Matt Levett, who stars in a Place Called Home. The 2015 judging panel included actress Rose Byrne and Dodgeball star Vince Vaughn.