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With concern about microplastics growing worldwide, we're not surprised that retailers are finally taking notice about the damage to the environment.

Popular retailer Marks & Spencer have joined the eco-effort by banning glitter from this year's Christmas cards, wrapping paper, crackers and calendars.

The brand is aiming to be 100 percent glitter-free by the end of 2019 after testing a biodegradable alternative to glitter on plants and flowers.

The worry about single-use plastics such as straws, water bottles, takeaway cups and microplastics (tiny particles that cause huge pollution) has significantly risen after the prominence of environmental documentaries, school strikers like Greta Thunberg and consistent climate breakdown disasters.

Glitter is usually created from etched aluminium bonded to polyethylene terephthalate, a form of microplastic that can end up in the sea.

The guess is that up to 50 tonnes of microplastic particles have accumulated in the ocean, according to The Guardian.

According to campaign group 38 degrees, up to a third of fish caught in the North Sea contained microplastic particles, including glitter. 

M&S’s action on glitter and plastic is following eco-crackdowns by brands like Waitrose and Tesco, who are switching to plastic-free ranges or environmentally-friendly alternatives.

Aldi is scrapping plastic glitter from their 2019 Halloween range, and even Strictly Come Dancing is banning glitter from their programme. Music festivals and playschools are also taking action.

M&S is now providing recyclable Christmas stationary designs and minimal use of foil for festival sparkle.

Most of its boxed cards have also switched from plastic to card packaging, which is saving almost 50 tonnes of plastic.

1,000 tonnes of plastic packaging from across the business have been scrapped, and M&S aims to ensure all its packaging is widely recyclable by the end of 2022.


We’re all guilty of being stuck in something of a fruit rut – but now Marks & Spencer are here to help!

While we may LOVE fruit, the majority of us tend to stick with the more usual fruits such as apples, oranges and bananas. Any fruit is good fruit, true – but is it time to broaden our horizons?

M&S think so which is why they’ve launched Marks & Spencer’s Fruit & Veg Pledge which encourages customers to move away from the fruits and veg they would choose on a regular day and try something new.

M&S nutritionist, Helen Stevenson explains the benefits of having a variety of colour in your fruit and veg bowl: “Orange fruit and vegetables tend to be higher in carotenoids such as beta carotenes; purple colours tend to be rich in antioxidant anthocyanins and red colours such as tomatoes often contain lycophene. Including a range of colours in your meals each day can help ensure you get a range of different vitamins and minerals in your diet.”

Some of the deliciously colourful fruits on offer in M&S at the moment include the very exotic fruits; achacha, redgage, Lychees and Rainier cherries – it almost feels like summer already!

M&S are also offering a great range of enriched vegetables such as potatoes, mushrooms, broccoli and shredded brussels sprouts.

There’s nothing more healthy or delicious as the huge range of fruits that nature has to offer – so let’s get exploring! 


We would juice nearly anything, but brussel sprouts? No.

Marks and Spencer are going to be selling bottles of sprout juice this October as part of their Christmas range. Sandra Ziles, head of product development in M&S said: “You can’t beat our Brussels sprout juice – we hope it will convert a few non-sprout eaters to the green side.”

Well, the juice isn’t JUST brussel sprouts – it’s got apple and pear juice mixed in with it, so there’s a small chance it’ll taste ok.

Would you chance it?