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CBB's Marco Pierre White Jr has announced that he's going to rehab after he broke up with his new girlfriend Holly.

The reality star has been on a rollercoaster of nights out since leaving the infamous house and now it seems that it has all become too much for him to handle.

Marco posted several tweets during the week, which made his fans worry about his health:


Then, he tweeted about "rehab" and becoming sober:

We hope he finds the help that he needs.


After just 11 days in the Big Brother house, Marco Pierre White Jr has been evicted.

As he left the house he was met with a thundering amount of boos from the public.

He absolutely shocked viewers with his sexual antics with Laura Carter – so we're not really surprised people voted him out.

When footage of him was played back, he was visibly stunned at himself, and then saddened to hear that his finacé Kim, never showed up to see him.

He told presenter Emma Willis: "I can’t believe it. I was surprised. I was ready to go, and now I'm ready to move on with the rest of my life. I don’t take it personally."