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The final trailer for Andy Muschietti's upcoming horror film It: Chapter Two has arrived, and the intensity levels are absolutely through the roof. Send help.

The first trailer focused predominantly on a slow, increasingly uncomfortable confrontation, but the new one gives away more reveals and offers a faster pace.

The second half of Stephen King's legendary 1986 novel It is explored in It: Chapter Two, in the fictional setting of Derry, Maine. The 1,169-page book is fairly monstrous, to say the least.


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Muschietti's 2017 It was a massive hit in the cinema, featuring seven Derry kids becoming aware of a horrible monster preying on their town. The kids set out to fight it, stopping our hearts in the process.

The monster is a shapeshifter, but wears the face of a dancing clown named Pennywise normally. Bill Skarsgård's acting skills as the clown have honestly ruined our lives forever.

While the children somehow defeat Pennywise, It: Chapter Two is set 27 years later and they learn pretty quick that Pennywise is still alive. They therefore decide to return to Derry to fight him one final time.

The first It scared the sh*t out of us, but the latest film looks like it'll have a similar dynamic of Pennywise attacking the kids in turn.

The adult version of the 'Losers' Club' (James McAvoy, Jessica Chastain, Bill Hader, Jay Ryan, James Ransone, Andy Bean, and Isaiah Mustafa) face Pennywise once again in isolated settings before the final battle.

There'll be plenty of screaming, that much is certain. It lands in cinemas on September 6, prepare the night lights for sleep.

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The Adulting School has just opened in Maine in the US, and we don't even know where to start with it.

With lessons such as 'how to make dental appointments' and 'how to speak to other people', it's completely crazy that people are making money from this.

According to the school's website, we are "smart and capable" adults, but have just been left astray along the way. And it's not our fault, no, it's because our "education just didn't provide us with all the skills we need (sic)."

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Apparently, us Millennials just pretend that we're grown-ups and don't actually know what we're supposed to be doing with our lives.

"We know you're sick of feeling like you're pretending to be a grown-up and that someone's going to realise you don't know the sh%#t you're supposed to know," the website explains.

The "sh%#t your supposed to know" is broken down into two categories – (1) basic skills for human survival and (2) what's required to be a functioning member of society.

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But don't we just learn these things along the way? The minute you turn 18 does not mean you automatically know how to 'adult'. We just pick these things up.

And let's be honest, according to this school, we're all screw ups.

But we all have days when we just don't function, or make mistakes, or just want to crawl into a hole full of blankets, and that's OK. We don't have to have our sh*t together all the time. That's exhausting.

If you want to apply to attend the school, the website offers you a quiz to find out what your 'Adult IQ' is, and it compiles of statements such as "I know how to chop, dice, julienne or mince a veggie," and "I'm great at knowing when I NEED to buy something and when I just WANT to buy it."

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The only part of the school that seems in any way knowledgeable is the lessons on fiance, but apart from that, it sounds like absolute BS.

We're never going to be perfect adults all the time, and we're cool with that.



Looking for a really romantic location for your Valentine this year? Well, instead of hitting the usual romantic cities, why not book a trip to a heart-shaped island to really show your sweetheart just how much you love them.

Here are our four favourites:

Lake Walchensee, Germany
Located in the Bavarian Alps, this beautiful heart shaped island is located in Germany’s Lake Walchensee.

Galesnjak, Croatia
This spectacular island situated in the Adriatic Sea is home to wild plants and trees and is the perfect location for a lover’s retreat. The island has deservedly been titled Lovers’ Island

Makepeace Island, Queensland Australia
Unfortunately, this is a private island located on the Noosa River. However, it is pretty near beaches and other lakes so you will be able to enjoy from afar.

Harbour Island, Maine
This pretty island is situated right in the heart of Bucks Harbour in Maine and is home to one cabin. This private island offers peace and privacy – perfect for couples in love.


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From top left to right: Lake Walchensee, Germany; Galesnjak, Croatia; Makepeace Island, Queensland Australia; Harbour Island, Maine