Fall in love with these heart-shaped islands


Looking for a really romantic location for your Valentine this year? Well, instead of hitting the usual romantic cities, why not book a trip to a heart-shaped island to really show your sweetheart just how much you love them.

Here are our four favourites:

Lake Walchensee, Germany
Located in the Bavarian Alps, this beautiful heart shaped island is located in Germany’s Lake Walchensee.

Galesnjak, Croatia
This spectacular island situated in the Adriatic Sea is home to wild plants and trees and is the perfect location for a lover’s retreat. The island has deservedly been titled Lovers’ Island

Makepeace Island, Queensland Australia
Unfortunately, this is a private island located on the Noosa River. However, it is pretty near beaches and other lakes so you will be able to enjoy from afar.

Harbour Island, Maine
This pretty island is situated right in the heart of Bucks Harbour in Maine and is home to one cabin. This private island offers peace and privacy – perfect for couples in love.


heart island

From top left to right: Lake Walchensee, Germany; Galesnjak, Croatia; Makepeace Island, Queensland Australia; Harbour Island, Maine