Lorna had always been a lover of fashion – but it was only just a year and half ago when she finally decided to “bite the bullet” and create a style blog of her own; LC’s Closet.

Since its creation, LC’s Closet  has become one of the most successful, Irish fashion blogs out there. Lorna has even been featured fashioning her own style creations in the likes of the Daily Mail and Look magazines.

Lorna mostly blogs about her own personal style choices, and regularly features snaps of herself posing in some of her favourite looks, as well as sharing photos of stylish items that she would like to purchase in the future.

SHEmazing! caught up with Lorna, who let us in on her own fashion must-haves:

What item do you think every girl should have in her closet?
Every girl should have a really great pair of skinny jeans. Skinny jeans really are a wardrobe staple. So many girls have said to me that skinny jeans don’t suit them, and once upon a time I thought the exact same thing. Truth be told, skinny jeans look amazing on everyone, you just have to find the right pair. Once you have the right pair they can be worn time and time again. They are so effortlessly chic and look just good worn for casual wear or dressed up to wear out for dinner or to a club. I’d definitely recommend that every girl should have at least one pair of black and one pair of dark denim jeans in their wardrobe, as these colours are slimming on the figure and are super flattering.

What’s the most expensive item of clothing of you’ve bought?
I tend to invest in my accessories more so than clothes, so I have a few expensive handbags, some shoes and jewellery. The most expensive thing I have bought is definitely a diamond and gold ring I treated myself to after I was awarded my Ph.D. in February. Focusing on clothes, the most expensive item of clothing I have ever bought myself is probably my first graduation dress. All of my graduation dresses have been quite expensive but I spent the most money on my first one. I bought it in New York when I was on my J1 and had to get it ordered especially. That was almost six years and I still love the dress as much today as I did when bought it. It’s such a statement, yet classic dress that will never go out of style.

What’s your best bargain?
A white coat I found on the sale rail in Penneys for €7 almost two years ago. The fit and cut of the coat is impeccable. It is amazing and transforms any outfit I wear it. People are always so surprised when I tell them it’s from Penneys, as they expect it to much more expensive.

What would you say is your favourite accessory?
Right now I’d have to say my fuchsia Michael Kors bag. I also treated myself to this the day I was awarded my Ph.D. kind of as a token to look back on to remember the day. It is such a stand out, statement piece. The colour is so so beautiful and it goes with so many different looks, which is always what you should look for with your accessories.

If you could only shop in one store for the rest of your life, which would it be?
Without a shadow of a doubt it has to be Topshop! I absolutely love Topshop and have done for well over 10 years. I don’t think I have ever gone into a Topshop store without seeing something I wanted to buy. Season after season they knock it out of the park in terms of having the latest fashionable and innovative designs. The quality of their products is amazing too and they fit so well. Quality and fit are really important to me when I buy clothes because I want things that will last and that I can pull out again and again. So Topshop definitely fits the bill.

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