There clearly is only one megasuper-star Kim Kardashian West.

She breaks the internet and dominates headlines globally – all the while amassing a millions in earnings annually.

A few years back, Dublin model and all-round gorgeous gal Georgia Salpa attracted the attention of US media when it was observed that she bore a striking similarity to Kimmy.

Although, as we’ve now discovered, she’s certainly not the only one who'd look right at home among the Kardashian clan.

Indeed, it seems that there are quite a few gorgeous faces out here that make you go: "Kay-Kay, is that you?"

Here, SHEmazing! rounds up our five favourites…


Arbia Kidadi

She boasts 58,000 Instagram followers – as well as more than 100,000 Facebook likes. She definitely dresses like the real-deal too: in fact, we reckon she’s one of the most convincing Kim-a-likes going.


Claudia Sampedro

She’s creeping towards a million IG followers, AND she’s also currently pregnant… just like the woman herself. In fact, Claudia even dated Reggie Bush, Kim’s ex, a few years ago – which only gives her added clout, we reckon.


Jimena Sanchez 

With 650,000 followers on Instagram, Jimena is seriously popular. She’s a Fox Sports star, although she claims not to see the similarity herself: "I don't think I look anything like her," she’s said previously.


Jelena Karleusha

She’s a Serbian pop star – and although Jelena sports platinum blonde (as well as occasionally blue) hair, the similarities are striking. Ms Karleusha has 650,000 IG fans and even suggested when Ms Kardashian went blonde earlier this year that the reality TV star had ‘copied her’.


Lilit Avagyan 

Talk about having a type – Lilit is another Reggie Bush love… although she went on to marry him last year. Also of Armenian descent, she is nevertheless a couple of years younger than Kim: Ms Avagyan is 27 compared to Ms Kardashian’s 34 years.