She's been under a lot of pressure recently. Indeed, Lauren Murray even removed herself from the X Factor contestants' house – citing the constant presence of cameras as her reason.

"I felt like I could never relax. It's intense," the 26-year-old said in the aftermath.

But despite the change in living arrangements, it seems that Ms Murray is still a little on edge.

Indeed, video footage from the weekend appears to show that she SHOVED a fellow contestant on stage. Ouch.

Eagle-eyed viewers took to Twitter following the incident – in which Lauren can be seen shunning the embrace of a member of 4th Impact as the public vote was announced.

The solo star, who is being mentored by Rita Ora, also appeared agitated and upset at the time. 

Understandably, plenty of fans of the show were unimpressed with her behaviour – with several suggesting that the Essex-native had gotten too big for her boots.

Many also claimed to have seen Lauren say "get the f**k off me" at the same time.

Though at least the girlband in question were more than happy to brush off the apparent snub; after last night's show 4th Impact tweeted that Lauren was like a "big sister" – making sure to include plenty of heart emojiis in their message too. 

Meanwhile, Ms Murray herself also took to the same social media platform to downplay the situation. Confirming that she "adored" her rivals, she added that people just "love a bit of drama".