Madonna was in no mood to be messed with at her recent gig.

The singer was in Manchester on Monday night and when she hit the stage the crowd started to boo and shout insults at her for being 50 minutes late. 

But, Madge wasn't having ANY of it and had a very fierce reply to her audience.

"I don't like to be late, by the way, and all you b*tches who keep complaining about it can shut the f**k up.

"I'm not back there eating chocolates and filing my nails and getting my extensions done. The [background] video crashed. We had no video.

"We had to wait until we could reboot it… No selfish diva b*tch reason. If you diva b*tches want to keep complaining about it, don't come to my show."

Well, she certainly slapped them with the truth.