Daniel Radcliffe says most romantic comedies are “lame”.

The 24-year-old Harry Potter star is stepping outside of his comfort zone by taking on the lead in romantic comedy What If.

He plays medical school drop-out Wallace, who has been unlucky in love until he meets the stunning Chantry.

The problem is, she already has a boyfriend, but they soon start to wonder if they could be more than just friends!

Daniel didn’t see Wallace as a kindred spirit, until he realised they share one annoying quirk.

“On the second page of the script, he corrects somebody’s pronunciation of a word, and I thought, ‘Oh God, I’m this a**hole,'” he said. “I’ve gotten better, but it’s like I’ve got some version of grammatical Tourette’s. I can’t hear someone make a mistake without wanting to correct them.”

The actor calls What If  his “first foray into the 21st century” and says he prepared by watching his favourite romantic comedy, 1981’s Arthur.

“It’s really, really funny,” he said of the Dudley Moore classic. “In so many romantic comedies the humour is kind of lame.”

Maybe don’t tell your director that Daniel!