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You've had a bad day at work. Your bus home decided not to show up, leaving you trudging through the rain and wind with a half broken umbrella. And to top it all off, that guy from Tinder has mysteriously stopped messaging you. 

Sometimes, a salad for dinner just isn't going to cut it. On days like this, we need to call in the big guns. And by that we mean, the pizza delivery men.

When we're feeling fed up, turning to comfort food like chocolate and carbs seems like the best solution. But new research has shown that what we eat really has no bearing on how quickly we recover from a bad mood.

As part of the study, published in the Health Psychology journal, participants were shown an 18-minute video that sparked feelings of anxiety, fear and depression. Afterwards, one group were given their preferred comfort food, others snacked on a granola bar, while the final group weren't given any food at all.

The result? Turns out their moods all returned to normal within the same time range, regardless of what they had eaten. "You don’t need comfort food to feel better; the mind will do the trick all on its own if you give it time," said the researchers behind the study.

It's definitely something to consider next time you reach for that Dominos menu – but if you're anything like us you'll order it anyway!


Ah, the humble hangover. Waking up on Sunday morning (or Monday if you’re really hardcore), there are a sweet few moments before you open your eyes or try to speak that you think maybe, just maybe, you’ll be okay. And then it hits – blinding headache, dodgy tummy and a distinct taste of mouldy carpet in your mouth. Ideal.

During times of extreme Fear, you’ve no choice but to implement a “no judgies” policy and take to the couch with a duvet and huge amounts of food. It’s the only way to survive!

Here are some of the delicacies we’ve often turned to when our hangovers were just too much to handle…

1. The classic chicken fillet roll
During the week a Spar chicken roll is something we only dream of, but on a bleak hungover morning, it becomes not just a want but an urgent NEED. White baguette, breaded chicken (the spicy version if your tummy is up to it), lettuce for that “healthy” touch and a rake of mayo or butter. Take a bite. Smile. Repeat.

2. Crisp sandwiches
Whether Tayto, King or Hunky Dorys are your salty snack of choice, a bag of crisps is made precisely 108 times better when sandwiched between two slices of white bread. This is the ultimate comfort food option for when you’re in need of a little TLC.

3. A cold bottle of Club Orange/Lucozade/Powerade
Sure, a green smoothie full of kale is probably a far better option to help your body on the road to recovery, but sometimes we just need a sugar hit. Everyone has a fizzy drink or energy drink they deem the best “cure” – whatever yours is, get it into you!

4. McDonald’s
This is best bought in the Drive-Thru and eaten in the sanctuary of your own home, where nobody will look at you twice for working your way through the entire Eurosaver menu. You’ll probably feel even worse afterwards, but now’s not the time to dwell on such trivial matters.

5. Hair of the dog
For some, the thought of cracking open a can of cider or a bottle of wine is enough to have them running for the toilet bowl, but for others, it’s the only way to get through a hangover. Whatever works for you!

7. TEA. All of the tea.
Us Irish turn to tea to cure all ailments – heartbreak, stress, tiredness, and of course, hangovers. Get the kettle on and make sure you have your favourite cup ready and waiting – you’ll be on the mend in no time!