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Arguably juicing has had its day; sure didn't we leave all that nonsense behind back in 2014, swapping over to 'clean' eating instead?

However, judging by a load of new-year-new-you social posts, a fondness for jucing lingers still. 

Welcome to the dreaded juice detox: usually a hellish 72-stint where suckers-for-punishment eat NOTHING but blended fruit and veg.


The upside? You can lose around 4kg/9lbs in three days – a weight-loss bang-for-your-buck that's certainly headline-grabbing.

The downside? You might go insane. That and the likelihood of cracking on day two and diving headfirst into a mega-tub of Nutella is, well, high.

Here's what to expect from your ill-adviced 72-hour a juice diet:

1) Headaches

A dull-headache that no amount of water seems to placate. Certainly, you shouldn't plan on doing anything too taxing – either mentally or psychically – during your juice-stint. 

2) Fawning

Suddenly, every tiny insignificant morsel of food seems hugely appetising and oh-so delicious. A week-old apple? Delightful! A scrap of bread? Oh, what culinary delights! Three almonds? Our kingdom for those three almonds! 

3) Tremors

We're not talking full-on seizure here (if that happens, you know, call your doctor) but more of a slight, unexpected hand quiver by day three. 

4) Grumpiness 

You'll do a lot of moaning over those three days – largely because you're so hungry. All. The. Time.

5) Insomnia

An empty tum does not make for a restful night's sleep – so yes, you'll be wrecked as well as starving. 

6) Forward-planning

You wake up on day three and the end is in sight. This can mean only one thing: you start planning your escape. Bread, butter, chips, crisps – the whole lot will be on that throw-caution-to-the-wind menu once you're done detoxing.

7) Stupidity

A load of the weight you lose is just from being dehydrated and having nothing in your stomach – so you're shedding MAX a kilo-odd of actual fat. When this dawns on you a week after returning to your normal size, you'll wonder why on earth you bothered.


We’ve been idolising compact, rocket-style blenders for some time now.

They’re small, perfect for juicing and blending (hello, September detox) and super quick and easy to use.

A load of different models are available, but leading the way is, of course, the NutriBullet: the fancy-pants contraption (the manufacturers say it’s not a blender or processor but rather a “superfood nutrition extractor”) that boasts a load of celebrity endorsements.

The only issue? The €130 price-tag has always been a little out of our reach.

Which is why we reckon we’ve now died and gone to juicing heaven: Aldi is tomorrow morning releasing (unreasonable to start queuing now?) its very own mini food processor priced at just… €22.99.

We scoured the small print – and power-wise it comes in at 300W versus the NutriBullet’s 600W. So nope, definitely not as powerful.

But at more than €100 cheaper, we’re still absurdly excited about releasing our culinary potential in the run-up to Christmas.

Because when you’re not downing glasses of obliterated kale, the Aldi model is also pretty great for making salsa, hummus, pesto and dips.

It comes with two stainless steel blades to make chopping and blending a doddle. For your €22.99, you’ll furthermore get four small 260ml cups, two larger 473ml cups, six storage lids and another lid for shakes or smoothies.

In short: from tomorrow you too can be one of those smug, healthy types who skip to work and college proudly brandishing a beaker of fresh, home-made power liquid.

Yup, we’re envisioning us looking much more like a Victoria’s Secret model over forthcoming weeks and months.

And while we might quietly covet the NutriBullet in our spare time, we reckon this version will do us nicely until an unexpected cash-windfall comes our way.

Thank you, Aldi!

The mini food processor is priced at €22.99 and is available from Aldi’s 117 stores nationwide from tomorrow, Thursday, September 10, while stocks last.


Juicing has become all the rage over the last few years, and advocates are certainly reaping in the benefits from it.

That's because fruit juice has a seriously long list of benefits and most of us should really be consuming more of it than we do. 

Here's a breakdown of our favourite juices and what makes them so healthy for us…


Watermelon Juice

This is made up of 90 percent water which pretty much makes it the most hydrating juice drink out there. It is full of antioxidants too which help fight the chances of heart disease, high blood pressure and even cancer. 


Orange Juice

We all know that orange juice is full of vitamin C but did you know that this is what keeps you having a healthy immune system? It also fights off damage causing radicals which can lead to high blood pressure.


Pomegranate Juice

This is your antioxidant bomb. Filled with vitamins E and C, this juice drink helps to reduce wrinkles and protect against sun damage. 


Blueberry Juice

Blueberries are linked to reducing all types of mental health disorders, with a strong link to beating Alzheimer's disease. They have high mounts of flavonoids which are linked to lowering the chances of diabetes as well as lowering blood pressure. 


Grapefruit Juice

This juice drink aids in releasing excess water retention, which we all hate! It also boosts your metabolism, strengthens your immune system and helps in weight loss control.


Cranberry Juice

Rich in antioxidants and vitamin C, cranberry juice has great anti-inflammatory components which help prevent kidney stones and other kidney infections. 


That's all you need to know: now lets get juicing!