It was the reunion that we had all been looking forward to, but S Club 7’s Children In Need performance seems to have fallen flat.

All seven members took to the stage last night for their first gig in years, with the spotlight of the media and Twitter upon them.

But while the band looked to have had a ball performing a medley of their greatest hits, they came in for some pretty harsh criticism on the Internet – with member Jo O’Meara bearing the brunt.

One Twitter user wrote: “You can learn a lot from S Club 7 – look after yourself and you’ll age like Rachel. Smoke, drink, etc. and you’ll end up like Jo…#BeHealthy”.


And if comments about her physical appearance weren’t bad enough, others took to their keyboards to criticise her vocals during the performance.

“Wow, Jo out of S Club 7 really can’t sing,” observed another user.

With rumours that there may be a new S Club 7 record as early as next year, we’re sure the gang won’t be too put off by the response.

What did you make of the reunion?