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Keira Knightley has revealed that the spelling of her name is the result of a misspelling on her birth certificate.

But no, unfortunately she did not reveal that the spelling of her name should be ‘Ciara’ but rather that her parents had settled on ‘Kiera’ before she was born.

The Imitation Game actress told the hilarious story of her mum’s epic mistake, saying: “I was meant to be named ‘Kiera’ after a Russian ice skater who was on the TV one day. My dad fancied her and nicked her name for me. But it was my mum who went to register my birth, and she accidentally spelled ‘ei’ instead of ‘ie’ because my mum’s crap at spelling.”

 Ouch – poor Mammy Knightley!

Keira went on to say that her dad was less than impressed when he discovered the mix-up, as Keira describes: “Apparently when she came back, he said ‘what the f**k? You’ve spelt her name wrong!’ What were they going to do though? Once it’s on the piece of paper, it’s on the piece of paper. And that’s me. A spelling error.”

We’re sure Keira and her husband James Righton will take extra care when putting their baby’s name on the register in a few months! 



It has been reported that Keira Knightley is expecting her first child!

The news was reported in Star magazine and is yet to be confirmed by the actress herself, but it has been said she is about 12 weeks into her pregnancy.

The Imitation Game actress married Klaxons’ James Righton in May 2013 in the South of France.

Keira attended the premiere of her recent movie with co-star Benedict Cumberbatch, and although the actress is not yet showing, it has been alleged she is putting together looks with her stylist that won’t give anything away.

A source told the publication that the couple are delighted with their exciting baby news: “Keira and James are thrilled. This wasn’t planned but that is how they wanted it.”

Congratulations to the happy couple – such exciting news!