When you kiss a man for the first time, it usually sets the tone for the rest of your relationship – or more precisely, it lets you know whether or not you want to kiss him again.

If you want things to start off smoothly, then keep these tips in mind before your first kiss:

Privacy is everything

The more quiet the setting, the more special it is for you. If you keep it low key you will enjoy the intimate moment so much more.

Start off slowly

Don’t just jump into it, you have all the time in the world. Even if you do want to spice things up later, start off slowly.

Use some tongue

If you’re really enjoying it, then there’s nothing wrong with a bit of tongue action.

Take a break

Do take a few moments to look into each other’s eyes, this will intensify your kiss.

Use your hands

If you run your fingers through his hair, he will reciprocate and touch you too.