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Last week, Pippa Middelton's iCloud was hacked with over 3000 photos taken from her personal accounts.

The photos included intimate snaps of her and her soon-to-be hubby James Matthews, as well as photos of her wedding dress for her impending nuptials.

But now, according to The Guardian, the princess's sister has been granted an injunction which will prevent any of the photos to be circulated.

Private photos of her fiance, her sister, and even Prince George and Princess Charlotte were offered to The Sun via an encrypted Whatsapp message. The hacker also asked for £50,000 within 48 hours.

The Sun alerted Pippa to the situation, to which her spokesperson said at the time: "Thank you very much for drawing this to the family's attention.

"I can confirm that not only have the lawyers been informed but the police are about to be involved as well."

According to the site, a 35-year-old man named Nathan Wyatt was arrested in connection to the breach. Scotland Yard confirmed that they made the arrest in Northamptonshire in the UK last Saturday.

Pippa's lawyer, Adam Wolanski, told the website: "There's no suggestion that these photos are in the public domain.

"The evidence points towards this being a flagrant and dishonest act that has caused the claimant considerable distress.

Nathan has now been released on bail and has been asked to return to a south-London police station in November for further enquiries.


It seems that Gigi Hadid might be the next victim of an Internet hacking scandal. 

TMZ has reported that hackers have stolen "private" photos and videos from the model's iCloud account. They are threatening to release the images online and sell them to media outlets unless the 20-year-old pays them. 

However, Gigi will not succumb to their demands. Instead, she is working with law enforcement and a private investigator to identify the blackmailers and hopefully charge them. 

It is still unclear whether her account was actually hacked or if the people blackmailing her are calling her bluff, but unfortunately this situation is not rare. 

The hack is very reminiscent of of last year's massive nude celeb photo scandal. Among the victims were Kate Upton, Jennifer Lawrence and Kirsten Dunst. Taylor Swift was also threatened to have nude photos leaked but nothing ever came of it.