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If you’ve had your heart broken, you know how hard it can be to get on with your life. It may even feel impossible, but if there’s one thing worth remembering, it’s that it WILL get easier. You just have to work your way through it. Here are some tips to do just that.

Feel it
While at first, you may try to avoid feeling the burn by keeping really, really busy, there will come a stage where you just have to sit down and let yourself feel it. It’s not nice, and it probably won’t be pretty, but you’ll feel better afterwards. Bottling it all up can only work for so long!

Remember you had a life before
We’re not born with other halves (unless you’re a twin!), and we would put our money on it that you were perfectly happy before you met that guy. Sure, you may have wanted to meet someone, but spending Friday nights alone wasn’t as miserable as it seems now, was it? It was actually kind of nice. You had a shower and watched the films YOU wanted to watch, or read a good book. Remember there’s life outside relationships, and it’s not as bad as it seems right now!

Make a list of your strengths
If you’re feeling weak, make a list of your strengths, or all the times you showed how strong you could be. A little reminder that you’ve gotten through bad times before and came out the other end can do the world of good!

Don’t block the fantasies
If you tell yourself you’re not going to think about that person ever again, you’re going to want to think about them even more. Allow the fantasies to roll through your mind. They will eventually stop, and you’ll know you’re on the mend.

Going for a run or doing some kind of exercise can work wonders if you need an instant pick me up. It increases the levels of serotonin in your body, which is the happy hormone.

Make a list of all his pros and cons
The pro list may be considerably longer at first, but as you remember the bad things, write them down. As it grows you’ll come to realise that you’re going to be fine. In the words of your mother, this too shall pass!



We’ve been known to throw a few noisy parties ourselves, but if your neighbours are continuously keeping you up at night with their noisy antics, then here are some tips on how to deal with them:

Be reasonable
Going in with all guns blazing will only aggravate the situation – and if both you and your neighbour own your houses you’re going to have to live next door to each other for quite a while, so you don’t want to fall out. If you knock in to their house and just explain that you can hear the noise and would appreciate them keeping the volume down past a certain time, they should be decent enough to agree and apologise for your lost sleep. But if not….

Put it in writing
If your neighbours are not very nice people and insist on blaring music at two o’ clock in the morning despite your reasonable request for quiet, then write them a letter. This way, if you want to get the law involved, you have proof that you’ve tried to solve the issue yourself. You should also keep a noise pollution log to show just how bad things are.

Make a formal complaint
You are entitled to make a complaint about your neighbours to the District Court if things get really bad, and you might have to have the Gardaí help enforce whatever decision the Court comes to.

Good luck!



Why does the thought of their boyfriends going on holiday with a group of his lad friends strike fear into the most trusting of girlfriends?

Well the answer is pretty simple – we’ve been on girls’ holidays, and we’ve SEEN what lads get up to on these trips away.

However, this doesn’t mean that your boyfriend is going to be up to no good aswell. If you trust him he’s obviously earned it, so he’s not going to throw it away on some week in the sun. But if you’re dreading the thought of a sleepless week at home, while he parties into the early hours with his friends, read these tips on how to deal:

Agree on how often you’re going to keep in touch
It can be awkward keeping in touch when you’re in different countries, but if you agree to text or call every morning or whatever time that suits it will ease your mind. There’s nothing worse than waiting hours for him to text you back, especially when  he wasn’t expecting you to text in the first place, and left his phone in his hotel room.

Make your own plans
Use this opportunity to indulge in some ‘me time’, catch up with friends, do some shopping, go on a girls’ night out! That way when he’s regaling you with tales of his wild nights out in Ibiza, you’ll have some of your own to throw into the mix!

Voice your concerns
If you express your concerns to your boyfriend, this can help. Things like strip clubs can be a worry, so tell him how you feel. Of course, you have to do this without making it sound like you don’t trust him to keep his pants on. Choose your words carefully.

Shower him with affection before he goes
Make sure he has a not too distant reminder of how great he has it at home. If he leaves after you’ve had a big bust up about the whole thing, this is NOT going to ease your mind at all (though it also doesn’t mean he’s going to sleep with someone else as soon as he steps off the plane).

Guys go on holidays all the time and the vast majority come back home with nothing more than a bit of sun burn. No guilty conscience. No STDs. No presents for their girlfriends (this however, is NOT ok!). You can’t control what he does, so just relax and enjoy the time alone!