How to deal with noisy neighbours


We’ve been known to throw a few noisy parties ourselves, but if your neighbours are continuously keeping you up at night with their noisy antics, then here are some tips on how to deal with them:

Be reasonable
Going in with all guns blazing will only aggravate the situation – and if both you and your neighbour own your houses you’re going to have to live next door to each other for quite a while, so you don’t want to fall out. If you knock in to their house and just explain that you can hear the noise and would appreciate them keeping the volume down past a certain time, they should be decent enough to agree and apologise for your lost sleep. But if not….

Put it in writing
If your neighbours are not very nice people and insist on blaring music at two o’ clock in the morning despite your reasonable request for quiet, then write them a letter. This way, if you want to get the law involved, you have proof that you’ve tried to solve the issue yourself. You should also keep a noise pollution log to show just how bad things are.

Make a formal complaint
You are entitled to make a complaint about your neighbours to the District Court if things get really bad, and you might have to have the Gardaí help enforce whatever decision the Court comes to.

Good luck!