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Having trouble on the dating front? You might want to think about making a career move.

Popular dating app, Happn, have analysed data from their 1.7 million users to find out what career paths are most likely to lead you to the guy or gal of your dreams.

The research found that users were more likely to be attracted to a woman who worked in marketing, as a nurse, or designer.

For the guys, doctors, engineers, investment analysts, bankers and teachers were deemed the most desirable jobs.

Although some of the most popular answer differed for men and women, both genders agreed on one thing – lawyers are hot AF. 

Yep, both male and female singletons said they found lawyer to be the most attractive career. 

So, what makes lawyers so attractive?

Is it their Intelligence? Their charm?

Nah, we're guessing it's probably the suits to be honest.  


Dating app Happn (a trendy new version of Tinder) has shared the most attractive names for three major cities in the world.

The app researched what names are most likely to bag you a date in Barcelona, New York and Paris. 

Louis, Adrien, Julien, Vincent and Alexandre topped the polls for men in Paris, while Marie, Camille, Sarah, Charlotte and Pauline were voted the most attractive girls.

In Barcelona, Marc, David, Jordi, Albert and Alex were voted the most attractive male names, and Laura, Marta, Cristina, Anna and Andrea were voted the most dateable girls. 

In the Big Apple the most attractive male names are Michael, Matt, Ben, Jason and Simon; while the top five girl names are Amanda, Nicole, Jessica, Alexandra and Katie.

We hope they release a list for the most attractive names in Ireland, we're intrigued. 

Let us know if you have one of these names!