Remember when they broke the news that the iPhone was going to be available in rose gold?

Apple fans everywhere went into meltdown at the mere thoughts of such a thing. Which, we don’t exactly blame them for because rose gold is beautiful and now it is everywhere. 

Really it was only a matter of time before a beauty trend inspired by the shade came along.

The blend of pinks and gold (which a sneaky touch of violet we would say) is becoming an in-demand hair colour. We can see why, these braids look flawless. 

It’s basically strobing for your hair, or contouring, depending on which trend you are more passionate about. The colour adds dimension and warmth to your strands. It also gives quite a romantic, glowing, high-fashion fairy princess vibe to your look.

While at first we were skeptical, with the right cut and decent lighting, rose gold hair can look natural and now we want to try it. 

The look might be a bit extreme for some, but you can always cheat and just add the hue to the ends of your hair. It makes for a nice ombre effect. 

However, we feel like if you really want to live your most magical life then you should just take the plunge. Kind of perfect for the festive season dare we say.