Strobing for your hair: The beauty trend that ALL the A-listers love

You would be forgiven for feeling sceptical when it comes to the strobing beauty trend. The highlighting technique, if done incorrectly, could just leave you with a serious case of shiny face.

However, when used on hair the technique is apparently the next best thing. 

Working in much the same way as contouring does for your face, hair strobing aims to aim shine and brightness to parts of the hair were light would naturally hit.

Using clever placement and contrast of colour two shades lighter and two shades darker than your natural hair colour can apparently be used to highlight your best features. 

 Speaking to Vogue, colourist Nalan Derby pointed out Gigi Hadid and Suki Waterhouse as strobing pros. Gigi specifically, and those amazing beachy waves or hers, have apparently managed to use the strobing technique to really make her features pop.

According to Nalan “her lights are more piecey than the blended balayage” we have seen before. No real shock there considering the model has quite a net worth these days. 

“However it's just the right balance of light and shade to be the perfect illustration of how this strobing effect can lift the face."

Nalan doesn’t shy away from the bleach when it comes to getting the perfect shades for his clients. However, he does pride himself on maintaining the hair colour and condition. 

The aftercare is the most important aspect of the strobing technique and he explains the products necessary for flawless hair are full of specific ingredients. The cleansing system and leave-in serum contain “potent antioxidants.” 

“These bind to the hair surface, helping to instantly revitalise and strengthen damaged or colour processed hair."