We all know the drill by now: another day, another new beauty product.

This time it's in hair care and we just think it might take over our beloved dry shampoo: hair primer. 

But how on earth do we use it? Will it be right for my hair type? Should I really just stick to what I know best? 

So here at SHEmazing! we got to grips with the product, got all the info about why is works, as well as the low-down as to when to use it. 

Primers in hair care, as in skin care, are designed to create an even surface base. It can be used alone or before you use any styling products, to give your hair weightless, humidity-resistant shield that will protect the hair from drying out, frizzing up or going limp. 

As celebrity hair stylist, Ben Skervin, explains: "The benefit to using one is your style lasts longer due to its ability to resist the moisture disruption, and it helps your hair stay cleaner longer."

He adds: "They protect the hair from heat styling, condition it, and help give it shine and smoothness for a healthy appearance."

It seems that any hair type can use the product too: just like in skin care, there is a version out there for everyone. Yipee!

It all sounds so far so good, but how do we use them?

Ben tells us: “After using shampoo and conditioner, add a dime-sized (about a 10c coin) amount of primer to your hands, then run them through your damp hair. You can use the product solo or as a first layer under your regular styling aids before air-drying or heat styling.”

This product is sounding too good to be true, we think it might even be time to dump the dry shampoo and get a hair primer.