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Congratulations are in order!

Model Georgia Penna (née Salpa) and her husband Joe are expecting their third child.

The expectant mum announced the exciting news with an Instagram post from her rose-filled baby shower.

And the 32-year-old even shared their baby's gender! It's a girl, according to the menu labelled 'Baby Girl Penna'.


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Um, that baby shower looks utterly GORGEOUS!

'Thank you so much @nicnaci for the most beautiful surprise #babyshower. Feeling so lucky to have such amazing and thoughtful friends,' she captioned the pic.

It's unclear if the Celebrity Big Brother contestant is having her daughter via surrogate like she did before with their twin sons.

Congrats to Georgia and Joe!



Georgia Penna has shared a very rare photo of her twin toddlers.

When her boys were first born, Georgia sent a message out to the press asking them to respect their privacy, and that she won't be putting any photos of her babies up on social media.

However, the Irish model took to Instagram this morning to share a picture of her chilling with her children.

The mum-of-two simply captioned the picture "Sunday chill."

In the snap, her beautiful blonde sons are seen sitting on her lap on as they watch a cartoon.

We love this little insight to Georgia's life as a parent!

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Georgia Penna has given us another little teaser of her twin boys.

When Georgia became a mum at the end of last year she told her fans that she would not be posting pictures of her twins on social media.


A photo posted by Georgia Penna (@georgiapenna) on

But, the Irish model can't help but tease us with photos like these.

The snap shows her walking through an airport as she holds her sons in each arm. Even though we're not seeing much of the babies, it still is a super cute snap.



As if we didn't envy stunning Irish model Georgia Penna enough, the 31-year-old has reportedly made the decision to leave the dreary weather of Ireland and the UK behind her for good. 

According to the Irish Daily Star, Georgia and her hubby Joe Penna have swapped he emerald isle for the sunny paradise of Dubai. 

The former Celebrity Big Brother star was dividing her time between Dublin, London and Spain but has decided to leave them all behind in favour of the United Arab Emirates. 


Landed somewhere in the desert with my

A photo posted by Georgia Penna (@georgiapenna) on

Georgia and Joe, who just welcomed twin boys by surrogate before Christmas, reportedly made the move in January as evidenced by Georgia's posts on social media.

Despite posting a farewell post to Instagram today, the gorgeous brunette revealed she like to keep her family life private.  

"I share a very small percentage of my life," she said in the Sunday Independent Life magazine last weekend.


And we're off

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"I look at my Instagram as a fashion and fun account.  None of my personal life is up there.  My husband, our beautiful babies, our wedding, our general family life, I keep private and always have."

And her new life on the other side of the world seems to be going well as she shared pictures of a hot air balloon ride and fancy dinners. 



Just six months after their Portofino wedding, Georgia and Joe Penna are the proud parents to twin boys.

The news was revealed in the media over the weekend, although Irish model Georgia slammed reports her sons were adopted. Now, a source close to the couple has revealed that Georgia and Joe used a US surrogate to give birth to their babies.

"Georgia’s twins were born with the help of a surrogate," a friend tells the Irish Mirror. And indeed, a look through the model's Instagram feed shows she did visit the US around eight weeks ago.


Gorgeous lunch at #estiatoriomilos #NYC #foodcoma

A photo posted by Georgia Penna (@georgiapenna) on

"The surrogate was arranged in the US and she [Georgia] is over the moon to have two healthy, happy baby boys."

After news of her sons' arrivals went public over the weekend, newlywed Georgia took to social media to confirm it.

"Delighted with the arrival of twin boys, the most special, perfect little babies and we are so in love," she wrote.

"They are NOT adopted… I won’t be posting any photos of them on social media as I’d like to keep them private."

Georgia has made no secret of her desire to start a family, admitting last year that it was certainly on the horizon for herself and Joe.

"In the future, I really want to have children. Of course it’s something I think about. I think most girls think about babies.

"Kids are something I definitely want."

In the weeks following the birth of her new sons, Georgia was noticeably quieter on social media  – leading fans to speculate if she might be keeping something under wraps.


In probably the most surprising pregnancy of the year (or century), Georgia Salpa has welcomed two gorgeous baby boys into the world.

Only six months after her Italian wedding, Georgia released a statement on Twitter today:

“Delighted with the arrival of twin boys, the most special, perfect little babies and we are so in love,” she posted on the social networking site.

Mrs Penna, the name she took after her marriage, was spotted out in London last week, wheeling around a baby buggy.

It is said that her mother and sister have travelled to the UK in order to be with the new mum and her babies before Christmas.

Reports in a national newspaper this morning wrongly claimed that her newborn sons had been adopted in recent weeks, but Georgia immediately shut down those rumours.

“They are not adopted. I won’t be posting any photos of them on social media as I’d like to keep them private."


A photo posted by Georgia Penna (@georgiapenna) on

But WHO saw that coming, because her most recent Instagram photos she the model as slim as ever!

Although we did notice her shying away from social media in the past few months.



Her wedding to Joe Penna was one of the most anticipated society weddings of the year, but Irish model Georgia Salpa has dropped off the radar somewhat since tying the knot.

Usually a social media addict, Georgia has barely posted to Instagram or Twitter over the last couple of months – and certainly she has shied away from sharing any personal snaps.

With 370,000 followers on Instagram and 275,000 on Twitter, the Irish it-girl would have posted daily at her peak, updating fans with pictures of her bikini-clad curves, or snaps of her maltipoo and maltese, Bernie and Coco.

Gone are the days when we'd open the paper to be greeted by a snap of Georgia standing in a bikini on Grafton St, and recently we've come to miss her in our social media feeds too.

Doing the maths, it's been five weeks since Georgia posted anything new to Instagram – though she did share a throwback photo two weeks ago and repost a friend's picture today.

As for Twitter, aside from a promotional tweet last week for her friend's company last week, the curvaceous model has been silent online since mid-October.

The newlywed model kept fans updated throughout her honeymoon in May and June, which saw herself and Joe visiting San Diego and Bora Bora, but has wound down on social media over the last couple of months.

Perhaps it's an effort to keep her life as the new Mrs. Penna under wraps – certainly, the couple shunned any magazine deals for their Portofino wedding in May, preferring instead to keep all photos private between themselves and their guests.

And while she has not spoken much about married life in recent months, Georgia did reveal last year that starting a family was definitely part of her plan.

"In the future, I really want to have children. Of course it’s something I think about. I think most girls think about babies," she admitted last year.

"Kids are something I definitely want."

Whatever the reason for Georgia's absence, we hope she returns to social media soon – we're missing our daily dose of body envy.