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This is not a drill! This weekend has been an absolute scorcher, and we're already gasping for a bit of ice cream to cool off. 

If you're based in Cork, you're in luck, as the brand new Gino's store on Oliver Plunkett Street is dolling our free scoops this Saturday. 

All you have to do is be at the store between 11am and 1pm – no strings attached. 

The new store from Gino’s Gelato is the second Cork store to open in as many months.

After the success of the Paul Street store, owners Anthony Murphy and Jonathan Kirwan were eager to expand their offering in the People’s Republic.

The new shop will create jobs for 16 staff including 3 master gelato makers who will make the gelato fresh in store each day – that's something we'd like to add to our Linked-In profiles. 


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'Cork has been on our radar for some time now but we were waiting for the right locations before expanding.'

'The Cork people are some of the friendliest in the country and seem to be big gelato fans. We are already in the planning stages for opening a 3rd store in the city centre,' co-founder Anthony Murphy said.

Cheers to more free gelato in the future. 

Feature image: Gino's Gelato UK / Facebook 


An Irish ice-cream shop has officially crossed the boundary between dinner and dessert. 

Gelati, which has shops in Ballina and Eniscrone, has created a ketchup flavoured ice-cream. 

Yes, you heard us right, tomato ketchup flavoured ice-cream. 

And they're not just doing it for the craic, the saucy treat is in honour of Ed Sheeran's current tour around our fair isle. 

It's a well known fact that Ed is absolutely obsessed with Heinz ketchup, even going so far as to have the label tattooed on his arm. 

Now that's dedication. 

"We at Gelati Ice Cream decided to welcome Ed Sheeran back to Ireland by creating his favourite flavour: Tomato ketchup!" they wrote on their Instagram

The also announced that they would be giving away free ketchup ice-cream cones to all concert goers. Pure madness. 

Speaking to People, Gelati owner Micheal O'Dowd said that he hoped that the Galway Girl singer will stop for a taste! 

“It took a few attempts to balance the recipe,” O’Dowd said. “Otherwise it would melt straight away.”

Known for their artisanal gelato, added the ketchup dessert to their range of award-winning treats like Pistachio and Gin and Tonic. 

We'll take five please! 


Move over chocolate and strawberry, a new ice cream flavour has arrived to steal the top spot on our favourite flavours list.

We love ice cream, and we love gin, so combining the two to create a tasty gelato concoction is the stuff of dreams.

Scoops, located in Ranelagh and on Aungier Street, Dublin, is serving up scoops of the soft stuff laced with Hendricks gin and Fevertree tonic. 

If that wasn't enough, the gelato is also flavoured with cucumber, so it's literally like indulging in a refreshing G&T with all the toppings.

But better, of course, because ice cream. 

They also serve crepes and coffees, so if you have one G&T gelato too many you can sort yourself out with a strong brew and a bit of soakage.

Please, just serve us a vat of the stuff…