When it comes to eyebrows, not everyone can pull off the same shape. While full brows seem to be working for Cara Delevingne, it doesn’t mean they’ll do you any justice.  The key to having nice eyebrows is having the RIGHT eyebrows.

Here’s how you can play with what you have and craft luxurious and perfectly groomed brows:

  1. Make sure the start of your brows are lined with the upper bridge of your nose.
  2. Give yourself some guidelines by filling your brows in with a brow pencil before you pluck. Remember your arch should be two thirds of the way across your brow.
  3. After drawing on your brows, brush them upwards.
  4. Fill in any gaps with brow powder that’s one or two shades lighter than your natural hair color if you’re a brunette and two or three shades darker if you’re fair haired.
  5. Trim any unwanted hair and then apply a wax so that your brows will stay in place.