As Sunday's episode of TOWIE aired, viewers were shocked and called Gemma Collins out on her rude manner while she was on the phone to a customer.

The boutique owner then took to social media last night to slam her fans, calling them "haters," and revealing there was actually no one on the other end of the phone line.

The 35-year-old uploaded a snapshot of a positive review of her boutique in a bid to squash rumours she ran a bad shop.

She posted: "Just want to clear up … TOWIE the other night as you know it's a TV show …

"When we was filming the phone went and it was an advertising company cold caller to which I said call back in one hour …As it was NOT A CUSTOMER ….

"We have an amazing customer service ethic and haters gonna hate but truth is my shop is expanding on many levels and I love what I do customer service is key as being a car sales girl back in the day I'm sick of people trying to knock my amazing boutique which is fun friendly and excellent customer service X."

This isn't the first time Gemma has been called out on her rude attitude though. As we all know in Celebrity Big Brother, people were raged by how she acted towards other people and her TOWIE co-star James Lock also said she was "the biggest liar in Essex."

We just hope that was a cold caller and she doesn't act like a diva in real life.