Nude shots with strategically-placed items we can get on board with, but nude shots with strategically-placed teddy bears? No, thanks.

And it looks like Instagram is with us on that one.

After uploading a shot of himself covering his modesty with a soft toy last week, Made in Chelsea's Jamie Laing didn't quite get the response he was expecting.


Teddy Bears Picnic

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In response to the image which Jamie captioned 'Teddy Bears Picnic', fans found themselves a little baffled, and wasted no time telling Jamie as much.

"Ew, ew, ew," wrote one while another slammed a friend for drawing her attention to the snap, writing: "Oh god why did you have to tag me in this?"

And his girlfriend, Frankie Gaff, who recently joined the MIC line-up. didn't fare much better when she shared another last night.

A week on from the initial negative response, it looks like Frankie thought she might have a little better luck, but no dice this time around either.


Lols @jamielaing_

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"Not sexy at all!" commented one Instagram user while another ignored Jamie's creepy teddy and asked Frankie: "Is he still cheating on your arse?"

Whether it's Jamie's dazed expression, his perma-tan or the disturbing use of a teddy bear, people just aren't feeling it.

Guys, it may be time to admit defeat with this selection of snaps.