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After some liquid courage, we all get a bit cocky about our gin knowledge.

However, we all know that one gin pr*ck who judges our selection of the divine spirit. 

But what if we told you instead of rolling your eyes, you could hit back with some gin-fo.


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The Fever-Tree Gin School is giving you that opportunity.

They have arrived in Ireland to educate the masses about our gin palates and how to make the perfect mix. – so you can hair flick the pr*ck into silence.

And believe us, you'll be learning from the best – the Dublin beaut and master mixologist Keith Malone will be hosting the classes.

Keith knows a thing or two about our fave drink as he has a neat 16 years of experience in the industry.


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Get ready to be put through your paces with guru Keith.

He has carefully crafted a curriculum with the Fever-Tree flavourists, to immerse you in an interactive tonic pairing wheel masterclass – and we expect you to be a teacher's pet and get top of the class.

However, even if you fail, there will be a complimentary gin and tonic on arrival, as well as four gin pairings based on different flavour notes of Fever-Tree tonic.

Some light nibbles will keep you going as you are brought through the history of Fever-Tree and the gin distilling process.

Gin graduates will leave with a goodie bag of Fever-Tree mixers, armed with the knowledge to mix with the best – and of course, that all important info to take on a night out.


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If this gin win-win sounds like its something you'd be interested in, you'd better act fast.

The masterclasses sold out in the UK and we won't be surprised if they disappear rapidly here too.

The School will tour nationwide from September 20 and will available in Dublin, Kilkenny, Cork, Galway and Louth.

For all the dates and tickets click here

Happy mixing.


Heading to Taste of Dublin this coming week?

Well, you may want to enrol yourself in an enticing scholastic experience – Gin School. 

Fever-Tree is inviting Taste attendees to book a spot at its Gin School where experts will immerse a class of six students on the history of gin.

Picture Andres Poveda

The forty minute sessions sound completely dreamy, as participants get a juniper-enriched education along with the opportunity to graduate with four gin samples to their name. 

The gins on hand will be Tanqueray 10, Mór, Bloom and Opihr. 

Unlike most educational institutions, Fever-Tree is offering it's courses completely free of charge.

As well as getting to sample the four delicious gins, students will learn about the importance of choosing the right tonic. 

Expect to leave with a Fever-Tree goodie bag and an imaginary diploma of gin connoisseur-ship.  

Free places in the Fever-Tree Gin School can be booked daily, on a first-come, first-served basis, at the Fever-Tree stand.

Taste of Dublin starts at Dublin's Iveagh Gardens from June 14-17. Happy drinking!