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This artist is clearly capable of some sort makeup sorcery with her illustrations.


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We have long thought of our makeup routine as a type of art form. Who doesn’t feel like a master artist when you get your eyeliner perfectly symmetrical?

However, 29-year old Tal Peleg has raised the makeup game to yet another level. She manages to create the most mind blowing portraits using just the space between her lash line and eye brow.

She clearly does not need a tutorial on how to blend because her creations are incredible.

Tal has hundreds of thousands of followers on social media and every time she posts one of her creations, Tal lets them know what it is that inspired her latest look.

Just look at this magic.


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She’s done everything from fairy tales to emojis.

She even gave some Breaking Bad inspired illustrations a go, along with Frozen, because of course.

• Anti-bullying •Words are powerful.They can make someone's day, but they can also be very dangerous and harmful….

Posted by Tal Peleg Art of Makeup on Tuesday, 7 July 2015

Tal has also shed light on some other causes with her work, such as anti-bullying campaigns and her passion for helping animal shelters.

She is really all about the cats.  


Yin and Yang {A new take on my "cat-eye" look, this time with a fluffy new friend ☺}

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