5 things that kill his sex drive


If you want to enjoy some bedroom romance with your other half, here are some of the things you should probably avoid doing or saying – unless of course your aim is to turn him off.

Don’t bring up parents
Never bring up parents. You may like the fact that you two are connecting, but the last thing he wants to hear is how much his parents would love you.

Don’t bring up exes
This won’t make him step up his game. If anything, it does the complete opposite.

Don’t use baby talk
Really? There is nothing about baby talk that will turn him on. Just drop it altogether.

Don’t cry
If the joy of spending time with him brings tears to your eyes, keep it to yourself.

Don’t show up sick
There is nothing arousing about a sniffling lady. No matter how sexy you are, a cough and a blocked nose will not turn him on.