​Reddit has been responsible for some pretty interesting, and amazing things, as well as some other questionable events but we won’t dwell on those.

However, it is where That Nordic Guy, a digital artist, and his incredible work was first appreciated.

Since then, Buzzfeed have also caught on to his genius and over the past number of days we have been overwhelmed by an awful lot beauty taking over the internet. For example, Game of Thrones actress Natalie Dormer and Emma Watson.

That Nordic Guy is responsible for digitally altering the faces of some of our favourite, and most genetically blessed celebs. In doing so, he morphs their features to somehow make them even more beautiful than you imagined.

We know it sounds pretty creepy, and the internet it flooded with ridiculous celebrity memes and face swapping trends. These however are entirely different. They are actually quite stunning.

According to the man himself, he started doing this work when he needed original characters to put faces to the names of those he had created for a short story.

Five years later, and we are still in awe of these images. Seriously, you have to take a look. We think you will be quite impressed.

This one even moves:

Angelina Jolie and Megan Fox:

Taylor Swift and Emma Watson:

Colin Farrell and The Terminator even got combined:

And all of the Hemsworths, basically:

Our minds are blown.