With the Dublin – Mayo rematch tomorrow, it's safe to say GAA fans are getting pretty excited about it.

However, one little boy, David Barrett, was left heartbroken after not being able to secure a ticket to the match.

David's mam, Maria, wrote into Broadsheet, and told them a story that is going to brighten up your day:

"My son has been to event Mayo game this year, apart from the drawn final. We struggled to get tickets and it was breaking out poor little man's heart. We had to take down the poster of Aidan O'Shea from his room as he was so upset.

"Then an incredible thing happened. My husband was having a pint in our local pub Mulvihill's, when he started telling the story to our local barman Darragh (A Cork man better known as 'Hightower').

"A stranger sitting on his own at the bar overheard the whole story, and fell into conversation with my husband about GAA, the price of milk, and all kind of other things.

"He left the bar late in the evening and said to my husband, 'your son's name is David, right?' My husband replied yes.

"He never knew anything about the man, apart from the fact that his name was Conor and he had very pronounced dimples when he smiled.

"Two days ago, a letter arrived into Mulvihill's addressed to 'Master David Barrett, Mayo's biggest fan' and Hightower's jaw nearly dropped when he saw a ticket to the final in the envelope!

"Little Davey wrote him a letter (above) and I just want to let Conor know, if he ever sees this, that his kindness will never be forgotten."

This is the sweetest story we've heard all week!