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This year's Love Islanders are crashing back to our screens for the highly anticipated reunion.

ITV bosses have FINALLY released the date of when the drama-filled show will be hitting our tellies – and it's SO soon.

Gear up because the Christmas reunion will air on Monday December 17 at 9 pm.


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The cast had been filming the segment in a secret location last week.

It's set to be an interesting watch, particularly since Dani has announced that Jack and herself have broken-up.

We are still reeling about the winners splitting up and we have A LOT of questions around the separation.

Dani has since removed her Instagram story post, stating that she and Jack are over – LIKE WHY?

Jack has remained silent about the split, but we imagine the reunion could shed some light on what on earth has happened.

The pair were together for six months before they called time on their relationship.

Here's hoping that they can sort out the issues and rekindle that flame.


We never thought we would be writing these words, but our fave couple from this year's Love Island are officially over.

Dani took to social media to announced that Jack and herself have decided to go their separate ways.

There doesn't seem to be any bad feelings about the split – but we are devastated, we thought a proposal would be on the cards, not a break-up.


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On her Instagram stories, Dani wrote: "Jack and I have sadly decided to part ways. It's been an incredible six months, and we will always have a place in our hearts for each other, but sadly we've come to the realisation that it's not meant to be long term."

"We both plan to stay friends. I hope you'll all understand. Love Dani x," she said.

Well, it's one of the more classier Love Island break-up announcements, and we are glad to hear there's no bad blood between them.

Jack has yet to make a statement on the news.

But only four days ago, the couple uploaded a selfie together as they prepared for the festive season, so the news will come as a shock to fans.

2018 has claimed another couple and we just can't cope. 


We are hoping that this isn't true – but if it is, it's truly shocking.

Love Islanders will be earning little more than the minimum wage for their appearance on a Christmas special.

Reportedly, the former contestants, including winners Jack and Dani will be making a measly £10 an hour – OUCH.


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The Christmas TV special will feature the 21 contestants who called the Love Island villa their home earlier this year.

And their low pay has come as a surprise for the Love Islanders too, who are understandably not impressed.

A source told The Sun: “They have been in uproar over being paid so little for two days’ work. It almost isn’t worth hours of awkward conversation with your ex — which for many of the islanders will be the case now."

“A few have even discussed dropping out to avoid any unnecessary aggravation. The low fees have also upset their agents, who are used to dealing with much bigger contracts,” they added.

Additionally, some contestants reportedly said that their pay would just about cover their travel to the event.


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Host Caroline Flack is expected to return in all her glory for the ITV2 special.

The festive reunion does promise a whole lot of drama as loyal Georgia Steel will be back to face up to Sam Bird.

The couple split after Sam announced that Georgia had been secretly staying with an ex-boyfriend –  Ekkk, AWKS, Sam you need to read this article.


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And of course, we can't forget Laura Anderson and Paul Knops which will make for some entertaining telly.

Lovebirds Jack and Dani will be back to dish the dirt on how they've been getting on since the villa.

And who knows, perhaps this will be the perfect moment for Jack to bend the knee and propose to Dani?

One thing is for certain, the Love Islander won't be relying on their paychecks from their TV appearance to pay the bills.



Dani Dyer and Jack Fincham have been at the centre of recent rumours.

There have been reports that their relationship is a bit rocky at the moment, but the couple remain steadfast, saying they are more in love than ever.

A source told The Sun that because Dani has been so busy, Jack has been irritated he never gets to see her.


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“They’ve been at each other’s necks for a few weeks now.

“Dani has been offered so many opportunities since leaving the villa, from her hugely successful clothing range with In The Style to appearances with her dad.

“She has a very busy schedule and is doing incredibly well for herself following Love Island,” the source explained.

“But the more projects Dani takes on the less time she spends with Jack, so tensions between them are mounting.


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“A lot is riding on them staying together as they continue to film their reality series – but Dani may not have the patience to stay in the relationship for much longer.”

However, the Love Island power couple quickly denied these claims.

The couple told OK! Magazine that they were “really happy”.

“We try not to pay too much attention to all the gossip,” they said.

“We’re just really happy at the moment and are enjoying spending so much time together filming our new show.”


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And from what we can tell on their Instagram, the couple appear to be having fun together on some special evenings.

They recently stole away in a romantic hot air balloon ride, attended posh events arm in arm, and snuggled on the sofa with a bag of sweets.


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They also got the cutest pup together!

We’re relieved they’re doing well and can’t wait for their upcoming reality series together.