It's been an amazing day for Irish film after a slew of Oscar nominations for both Room and Brooklyn, and actress Saoirse Ronan says the whole experience has been a "dream."

The Carlow native scooped a Best Actress nomination today for her role as Eilis in Brooklyn, after missing out on a Golden Globe win last Sunday night.

"When we made Brooklyn, we had no idea of what was to come," the 21-year-old said in a statement this evening. 

"It is the most personal film I have ever done, the hardest one too. I am honoured to represent this film with my friends – John, Nick, Finola, Yves, Colm, Amanda.

"This has all been a dream. To see how the film has been embraced has been heartwarming.

"Thank you so very much to The Academy – you are a group of people I respect greatly and to be recognised by you means so much."

Despite not being able to pronounce her name, US audiences have definitely fallen for Saoirse's charm in recent months, with a host of appearances on US chat shows during the press circuit for Brooklyn.

Just last night she gave Stephen Colbert a crash course in Irish names, from Tadhg to Caoimhe:

Here's hoping there's no issues for Saoirse's name (it's pronounced like inertia, doncha know) at the Academy Awards next month.