Ryan Gosling FINALLY teaches the world how to say ‘Saoirse Ronan’


Ryan Gosling has our back.

Having an Irish name is no easy feat if you live outside of the Emerald Isle, as anyone who has ever applied for a job or tried to order Starbucks overseas can attest to.

Luckily for any Saoirses out there, the world has finally been schooled in how to pronounce the name correctly – thanks to a Hollywood A-lister, no less.

Saoirse Ronan was the recipient of this year's New Hollywood Award for her role in Brooklyn, and in his pre-presentation speech, Ryan Gosling was sure to make one thing very clear.

"Since we're all here, I thought we could just go over it," he said

"It's not 'Say-or-see' or 'Seer-say' or 'Sorcery… It's 'Ser-sha', like inertia."

As for the surname, that was another hurdle altogether, but with Saoirse's help, the actor finally got it right.

Speaking to Image magazine recently, Saoirse said her Irishness was a huge part of her identity, even in Hollywood.

"It’s really important, it always has been, it’s a big part of who I am," she said. 

"And I actually think it’ a great way to stay grounded, to remember where you’ve come from and the type of people that you come from."

As for what she misses the most about her homeland when she's away, the actress says it's "definitely Barry's Tea."

A girl after our own heart.