She’s STILL flying the flag! Saoirse schools the US about Irish accents

Saoirse Ronan is literally everywhere at the moment.

She has been on one serious press junket this awards season as the Carlow native is expected to be nominated for an Oscar for her turn in Brooklyn. 

And she has certainly been reminding everyone that she is most definitely Irish, if her name and accent weren't already giving the game away. 

From plugging Dublin beauty salons to giving the gift of Barry's tea, it seems that Saoirse now wants to help Americans nail the perfect Irish accent. 

On the Late Show with Stephen Colbert that aired in the States yesterday, Saoirse filled the host in on how NOT to do an Irish accent.

Dispelling stereotypical Irish impersonations, Saoirse advised that the accent should not to get too high-pitched and the sound should be quite "melodic and sing-songey." 

She also helped Stephen out with the pronunciation of some very common Irish names such as Caoimhe, Siobhan and Oisin. 

Watch Saoirse on her serious charm offensive below: