If you've ever seen Superbad, you'll know that the 2007 movie is absolutely chock-full of juvenile jokes and immature humour – hardly surprising given that the two main characters are still weeks from graduating high school.

However, it looks like the movie's writer, Seth Rogen, harbours some regrets when it comes to the movie's questionable script which he actually began writing at the age of 13.

Recently speaking to The Guardian newspaper, the 34-year-old writer and actor explained that he regrets the “blatantly homophobic” gags which were a constant throughout the movie which starred Jonah Hill and Michael Cera.

"It’s funny looking at some movies we’ve made in the last 10 years under the lenses of new eras, new social consciousness," he said when discussing the film which grossed $169.9 million worldwide.

"There’s for sure some stuff in our earlier movies and even in our more recent movies where even like a year later you’re like, ‘Eh, maybe that wasn’t the greatest idea'" he said.

While acknowledging that the, at times, homophobic script was delivered by highschool characters, he's not comfortable that the filmmakers were "to some degree glamourising that type of language in a lot of ways."

We wonder if he regrets those bizarre penis drawings as much…