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Kim Kardashian has just shared the most adorable of photo of True and Chicago.

Since her daughter's birth in January, Kim has been treasuring the moments she has with her little one. And when Khloé had baby True just a few months later, the girls became inseparable.

In the picture, the two cousins are side-by-side. True is on the left, in her baby chair with a huge smile while Chicago puts a reassuring hand on the 5-month-old’s arm.

Nicknamed Chi, little Chicago takes after her mum Kim as she looks ahead with big brown eyes and the cutest lip pout ever.


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The doting mum captioned the photo perfectly: “I got this True”.

Chi looks as if she is protecting her baby cousin, comforting the blissfully unaware True and letting her know that she will handle whatever comes their way.

The gal pals are too precious!


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Both mamas are proud of their little girls, and due to their celebrity status, they have unfortunately been scrutinised by the public for each parenting decision they have made.

Khloé recently posted a darling photo of baby True in a toy Bentley, sporting one of her iconic headbands, and commenters immediately took to bashing the mum online.


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Accusing Khloé of teaching her five-month-old to value materialism, the mum was forced to respond to the critical comments.

Kim also came under fire when she found herself forced to defend the right to change her daughter North’s hair.

Hopefully their daughters will be able to avoid the public’s judgement as they grow older, but if they do encounter obstacles, then it’s good to know that they have each other’s backs.

There is nothing stronger than the bonds of sisterhood.


We all know Kim K has a penchant for breaking the internet, and the naming of her third child was another perfect opportunity. 

Fans speculated for days over what moniker Kimye would grant their new arrival, and the news came last night in Twitter form – Chicago West. 

Twitter went into overdrive as fans and bystanders alike gave genie two cents on the name. (Which Kim clarified would be shortened to Chi, pronounced ‘shy’) 

Here are a few of our favourite reactions to the, erm, interesting name choice.