The luck of the Irish!

A woman from County Tyrone has won the Best Dressed prize at Ladies' Day at Cheltenham, and we're loving her look.

Una O'Farrell Feeney scooped up a reward of €11k, after judge Roz Purcell crowned her with the coveted prize.

Best dressed lady winner Ina O'Farrell from Tyrone alongside Ros Purcell

However, Una said that she's not used to all this attention and even had her wedding abroad to avoid all the people.

She told the Herald, "It's funny because I went to New York to get married and there was only 10 people there because I don't like people looking at me and there's a lot more people looking at me now.

"I started thinking about what I was going to wear about four or five weeks ago. I got the dress and I had the shoes to match. I'm delighted, I'm overwhelmed. 

"I haven't won a Best Dressed before, I've never so much as won a pound in the lotto," Una added.

We're only delighted for her!