If you're cutting out sugar to start your (dreaded) January detox, or simply just want a healthier new you, then this app could have the answer to all of your problems.

We'll admit we all have a sweet tooth here at SHEmazing HQ, but everything is good in moderation, right?!

That attitude is all well and good – if you can manage to figure out what a "moderate" amount of sugar actually is. 

A new app called Change4Life Sugar Smart can help you to see how much sugar you're really consuming every time you eat. The app works by scanning a barcode of a product, which then shows you how many grams or cubes of sugar are in each product. 

It even gives you a little breakdown to make things a bit clearer, like one cube of sugar is the equivalent to 4 grams of the sweet stuff. 

We reckon you'll soon be put off reaching for that extra biscuit/glass of wine/leftover Christmas chocolate once you realise exactly how much sugar you're taking in.