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Okay, your best intentions for that gym membership and your new Spiralizer might have fallen by the wayside now that mid-January’s here, but there’s one really simple thing you can do for better health all around this year.

Find a quiet room, take five minutes, and calm your thoughts with some mindful meditation.

A recent survey by Avonmore Slimline Milk found that 60% of Irish women believe stress is the biggest barrier preventing them from being their best self. So here’s your chance to kill two birds with one stone by de-stressing AND doing something great for your mind and body.

It’ll help you sleep
Is there any worse feeling than lying in bed trying to silence one million different thoughts as they go through your head? Just five minutes of meditation before bed can calm the mind and clear unnecessary thoughts, leading to a sounder sleep for you.

You’ll be WAY more focused at work
Set yourself up for the day with a few minutes of meditation before you leave the house – you’ll notice a huge boost in your concentration levels. Why? Studies have shown that meditation increases stability in the ventral posteromedial cortex, the part of the brain which causes those pesky wandering thoughts.

Your stress levels will plummet
You don’t need to be sitting cross-legged on the floor saying ‘om’ to reap the stress-busting benefits of meditation, you know. Just five minutes of slow, steady breathing and mindfulness can help ease psychological issues like stress and anxiety.

It’s a legit health booster
Meditation has been shown to reduce pain and beat inflammation at a cellular level, with many complementary therapists recommending it for chronic pain management.

It really CAN alter your brain
Our brain is constantly growing and changing throughout our life, and regular meditation has been proven to stimulate the growth of new brain cells. This can have any number of positive effects. including reducing activity in our amygdala, the brain’s stress centre.

It can slow ageing
The ageing process is linked to a reduction in the brain’s grey matter, but regular meditation has been shown to slow this reduction – meaning you’re more likely to be sharp as a tack in your old age.

It’s 100% free
No fancy equipment, no pricey workout gear (unless you want it, of course) and no gym membership needed. Just you, a quiet room and five minutes of your day.

It’s the perfect complement to yoga
As any yoga teacher will tell you, calming the mind is just as important as working on the perfect Downward Dog. Most yoga classes finish up with five minutes of meditation, so use that time wisely and you’ll soon reap the benefits.

Avonmore Slimline Milk want to help bring out the best in you and are giving away a month’s FREE yoga membership everyday this January. To enter check out the Avonmore website.

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With the winter weather still making going outside a total nightmare, it’ll take more than a spinning class to lure you out of bed for a morning workout.

If you’re looking for a workout with a difference, then take your #fitspo from Gigi, Karlie, Vogue and the other stars kicking ass at the gym.

A new survey by Avonmore Slimline Milk found that an incredible 58.5% of Irish women felt at their best straight after exercise, meaning it’s not just celebrities who are reaping the benefits of a great workout.

So grab your gym gear and prepare to feel fighting fit. Here are some of the celeb-endorsed workout trends we’re dying to try.

​Vogue Williams has long been an advocate of High Intensity Interval Training, a form of exercise alternating between intense bursts of activity and less-intense bursts or rest periods, for a cardio workout that burns fat and builds core strength. Most gyms incorporate some form of HIIT into their strength-training or cardio classes these days, or you could simply check out one of the many 15-minute HIIT workouts doing the rounds on YouTube.


Reformer Pilates
​The Reformer is a machine developed by Pilates creator Joseph Pilates, consisting of a bed-style frame with a flat moving platform on top of it. The stability challenge of working on a Reformer means that you have to work hard to support your own body weight – helping to build long, lean muscles. Miranda Kerr, Khloé Kardashian, Kate Hudson and Karlie Kloss are all fans.


Gigi Hadid credits her Victoria’s Secret worthy body with a mix of both ballet and boxing, and one look at her killer abs is proof she’s on the right track. You won’t get a better cardio workout anywhere, so get your gloves on and pack a punch.


Ballet Barre
You might still get nightmares from that time your mam forced you along to a ballet class aged seven, but Ballet Barre is different. It’s a high-tempo workout that’s great for strengthening and lengthening. Jourdan Dunn and Doutzen Kroes are both BB converts.


How to make a lunge, plank or bicep curl HEAPS more effective? Use a TRX Suspension Trainer. You’ll notice TRX equipment in a lot of Irish gyms these days, but if you’ve been too nervous to try it out, head along to a class – we guarantee you’ll be hooked. Plus, if it gives you a bod like Holly Carpenter, it’s worth a few first-day nerves…


It tones, it relaxes you and it makes you hella strong – what’s not to love about yoga? For a proper workout try fast-paced forms of yoga like Power or Vinyasa Flow, which will have you sweating out those toxins in no time. Celebrity fans include Hailey Baldwin, Russell Brand and Vanessa Hudgens.

Avonmore Slimline Milk want to help bring out the best in you and are giving away a month’s FREE yoga membership everyday this January. To enter check out the Avonmore website.

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