After living at home, moving out can be a shock to the system, especially if you never stepped foot in the kitchen other than to pour yourself a bowl of cereal.

Whether you have moved out for good, for college or are living the high life abroad, you need to learn how to cook – you can’t survive on cold beans forever…

Celebrity cook and author Callum Hann has created a cookbook that is perfect for beginners, students and those lacking confidence in the kitchen. Following on from his first book, The Starter Kitchen, Callum’s second book brings us a collection of delicious, easy and, most importantly, achievable recipes.

It is not just a book of recipes though, it has an abundance of advice on how to shop for certain ingredients, how to cook them, what flavours work together, how to keep your cool when it comes to cooking, tips on what’s in season and when, the best way to entertain and principles on how to become a better cook. This will become your best friend if you are a little inexperienced when it comes to the kitchen.

With over 90 gorgeous recipes, including braised chicken, salted caramel popcorn fudge, cherry fool, strawberry shortcake and chilli con carne to name a few you will never be short of ideas of what to cook. Callum hits all the right foodie spots, covering big breakfasts, exciting salads, foolproof desserts and our ever favourite time-saving dinners.

Founder of Sprout Cooking School, Callum also came second in the second series of Masterchef Australia and travels around the continent sharing his love of food and his passion for cooking.

Cooking shouldn’t be hard work, and with Callum’s book it won’t be.