Justin Bieber started his career busking on the streets of Ontario, Canada, and despite having made it in the industry, he's back at it again.

This time, he's set up outside Buckingham Palace, London, and a lucky few caught the impromptu concert on camera. 

With his guitar case propped open, Justin sang some love songs to his fiance Hailey Baldwin. 


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'I love you babe, I love you so much…it hurts. you’re my favourite, that girl right there is the love of my life,' he proclaimed. 

Bieber and Baldwin announced their engagement earlier this summer, and rumours have been flying that the pair have already tied the knot in secret. 

The couple are currently in the English capital due to Hailey's work commitments. 

Can someone book Hailey for a gig in Ireland so we might get a random Justin Bieber gig on Grafton Street, please?  

Feature image:  michael_kmlg / Instagram